Corrugated boxes are made of paper, and contain an arched layer that is housed in between two smooth sheets. The inner, arched layer is called fluting, and can come in several different sizes and thicknesses. It’s durable, lightweight and the most economical material in use for custom manufacturing of packaging and shipping containers, and is also a common component of signs, point-of-sale displays. It even enjoys some non-traditional uses such as in the manufacture of children’s toys, pet supplies, palettes and furniture. Here are just some of the corrugated box options that Abcon Packaging offers:




RSC – Regular Slotted Container


Probably the most common, all-around box container, the RSC features flaps that are all the same length, while the outer flaps are exactly half of the container’s width, and meet in the center of the box when folded.







HSC – Half Slotted Container


A variation on the RSC theme, the Half Slotted Container has one less set of flaps, perfect for any open-topped box packaging applications.






FOL – Full Overlap Slotted Container


The flaps on an FOL are fully the size of the width of the box, providing excellent durability when the utmost in strength is required. Perfect for situations which may preclude rough handling of the cargo.






OSC – Overlapping Slotted Container


The flaps on an OSC extend slightly more than half the width of the box to provide greater cushioning and support.










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Corrugated Board

Pads, Partitions, Internal Packaging

Die Cut Boxes

One Piece Folders

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Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes